Sex Jokes


Excuses When You Catch Her Blowing the Plumber
10. He passed out, I'm giving him mouth-to-penis resuscitation
9. Oh! I thought that was you in a plumber's outfit!
8: The sight of his butt crack just drove me mad
7. I slipped and fell on it
6. He asked for help cleaning out the pipes
5. I was having an epileptic seizure, and he didn't want me to swallow my tongue
4. You told me not to blow any 'money' on a plumber
3. He said he couldn't finish the job without "workmen's compensation"
2. I was just acting out what I saw on your porn videos
1. He didn't want to fuck me without a rubber.

And, your extra rhyming bonus tip:
Why ask why, suck Bud dry


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