Sex Jokes


Excuses for not performing fellatio
10. I thought only gay guys like that
9. I'll gag and blow chunks all over you 
8. My head-gear will get in the way
7. I had a traumatic Popsicle accident as a child
6. Sorry Joe, no sucky sucky!!
5. You piss with that thing
4. I choke on small bones
3. I'm afraid of getting pregnant
2. Do it yourself, like the dog you are
1. Sorry, I am a vegetarian


You Need Viagra
She Finds Your Copy of Hung Studz
She Catches You in Her Panties
Bad Condom Names
Bad Arguments for Anal Sex
Hints She Might be a Transsexual
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She Shouldn't Say During Sex
She Should Say After a Blowjob
Bad Nicknames for Your Penis
Hints He Might Be Gay
Hints She Might Be Lesbian
Excuses for Not Performing Cunnilingus
Excuses for Not Performing Fellatio
Bad Nicknames for Her Vagina
You Catch Her Blowing the Plumber

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